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Isabella Rockwell's War cover

I received this book from the author and have done an honest review.  See my Goodreads review here.

What would you do if faced with Isabella Rockwell’s problems? Isabella is only twelve years old when her life falls apart. Her parents are dead, her beloved caretaker dies of cholera, and she is sent away from India (of the 1820’s), where she has lived all her life, to live in cold, wet London with no friends and no money. She is able to survive only because of all the unusual skills she has acquired in her short life, and because she has the ability to make good friends. In her efforts to stay alive and somehow make enough money to go back to India, Isabella soon finds herself involved in royal intrigue. I really enjoyed this well-written book. Isabella was a likeable, resourceful character. At first I was surprised at how many things she knew how to do, but each skill is explained in the story and becomes believable. The plot was interesting and kept me guessing until the end. The settings, in both India and England, were richly described, and I felt as if I was there. I hope there will be a sequel.