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Aloha from Hawaii.  I am enjoying the lush greenery, the amazing jewel-tones of the sea, the beaches, the delicious food, and the dances performed at a luau by beautiful, talented dancers.  Yesterday we went snorkeling and saw many brilliantly colored fish and two sea turtles.  They were so graceful, and reminded me that we share this incredible planet with many creatures who deserve our respect and protection.  Being here in this paradise reminds me of a book.  In Freefall, by Kristen Heitzmann, a woman wakes up in the mountains of Kauai with bruises and no memories of who she is or how she got there.  She finds her way downstream to the sea, where she meets Kai (private investigator Cameron Pierce) and his sister, Monica.  Kai has a wall around his heart so thick it will take an extraordinary woman to break through, and “Jade” (as they call her at first) is the woman to do it.  From the first, Monica is sure that malice follows Jade, and it will take their combined efforts for Jade to find her memories and escape the evil that threatens her.  The characters are beautifully portrayed, and the Hawaiian culture woven throughout the book provides a haunting background.  I really enjoyed this romantic suspense and have read it many times.


Freefall cover

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