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On Perspective

Have you ever noticed that four people can see the same event and yet tell a different story about what really happened? My sisters and I all remember that when we were little, lightning came into the house. Dad had done a good job building the snug two-bedroom house, but he had neglected to install a lightning rod. I remember a blue-white bolt streaking through the room and striking the stove. My sisters remember it coming in the front window and hitting the TV. For years we argued over who was right. We thought the differences in the story were because of faulty memories and were smug in the knowledge that the others were wrong. Finally, while recording my mom’s life story, I asked her what really happened. “Oh,” she said with a smile, “you’re both right. Lightning struck the stove on your first birthday, and then later on after the other kids were born, it struck the TV.” So the mystery was solved, and the myth that lightning never strikes the same place twice was debunked. I learned that it is never wise to dismiss the memories of another. They just might also be right!

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