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On Saturday my husband and I drove up to Park City to the Deer Valley Music Festival. The night’s performance was Take Me Home – The Music of John Denver. The concert was performed by Jim Curry on guitar, with his wife, Annie, also on guitar, and accompanied by the Utah Symphony with Jerry Steichen conducting. In spite of wind, hail, rain, thunder and lightning, the seats of the amphitheatre and lawn behind it were crowded with John Denver fans of all ages. Sam and I pulled on rain ponchos, cuddled under umbrellas, and tucked our picnic blanket around us as we sat back in our lawn chairs and enjoyed the show. As well, we enjoyed the gorgeous mountain scenery. It is so beautiful there! I was impressed with how much Jim Curry sounded like John Denver. He did a marvelous job. He had the audience clapping, dancing, and singing along as he performed this beautiful music that contains messages of life, love, humanity, and caring for our land. The Utah Symphony did a great job of accompanying him. I’m grateful that someone is keeping this music alive. The evening will be remembered with great fondness.