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Happy Canada Day

To all my fellow Canadians out there, happy Canada Day. I hope you’re having a great time celebrating with your families and friends.
I was in Grade 4 when Canada celebrated her centennial birthday. Our school put on a big program that included songs, dancing, our very own red and white maple leaf flag, and even a huge birthday cake. We didn’t have fireworks, but we had a lot of fun. I have fond memories of my elementary teachers, who were very kind and instilled in me a love of books, storytelling, and art. I also remember having a lot of fun on the playground playing tag, swinging, and shooting marbles.
While in Alberta, my sister and I stopped at Joseph Welsh Elementary and reminisced. The playground is much smaller than I remember (that huge hill I used to play on is only up to my knees now) but the boot rack in the entryway is still there. The secretary graciously took us up to the staff room where she showed us the school scrapbooks. (My third-oldest sister, who had been there previously, had told us just where to look.) We found the photograph of Canada’s birthday cake, and sure enough, there was my third-oldest sister sitting on the front row. What a find!

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