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I normally hate shopping. I procrastinate going to the store (with the exception of bookstores) until I absolutely have to. I complain about the crowds, the high prices, the closed-in smell, and the fluorescent lights. But lately I’ve seen that shopping can actually be fun. While in Calgary, my sisters, niece, and I went shopping for a dress for my second-oldest sister, so she would look beautiful for her son’s wedding. My youngest sister, who is an expert shopper, got us organized and excited for the adventure. We breezed into the Bay in the Chinook Mall, and almost at once we found a gorgeous dress. We had my sister try on several dresses, but the first one was the best. Then we fanned out and found some matching shoes, a purse, hose, and even a necklace. The whole ensemble was reasonably priced, and we did the whole thing in under two hours. The mall closed, and we headed for our car, triumphantly bearing our purchases. We had a great time together, and I had to admit that I had enjoyed myself. And my sister looked great at the wedding!

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