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Creating a Shade Garden

I come from a long line of farmers and teachers. This must explain the fact that I love to dig in the dirt, plant seeds and bedding plants, and watch them grow. I have a shade garden on the north side of the house where a Japanese maple waves gracefully in the wind. Because of the hard winter, almost everything in the garden died… or so I thought. When I took a closer look, I was glad to see that some of my hostas and agapanthus were sprouting up and unfurling lush green leaves. Even my poor little boxwoods were doing well. They looked lonely, so today I bought and planted ferns, bleeding hearts, hostas, agapanthas, and more boxwood. In the afternoon the north edge of this garden gets some sun, so I also put in some petunias and geraniums where the sun would smile on them. The garden still needs some impatiens and maybe some lobelia back around the maple. Then I think I’ll add a little winding brick path that leads to a miniature house, where a gnome stands outside waiting for company… or maybe one of my flying pigs. It’s going to be lovely!

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