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Goodbye to Merlin

Warning! Spoilers ahead! Last night we watched the last two episodes of Merlin (BBC series, season 5). I was so sad to have it end. I admit it, I cried when Arthur died. The last scenes between Arthur and Merlin were really touching. I liked that last twist at the end about Merlin too. I’d really come to love the characters in this story. My favorite character in the story was Merlin, but I came to love Arthur too. Guinevere and Gaius were favorites too, except when Gwen was enchanted and tried to kill the king. Hats off to the writers and the amazing acting in this series. Everyone was so believable. I loved the sense of humor in the story. We had a lot of fun watching the whole series. Our favorite saying was, “The security in this place is sadly lacking!” because just about anybody could sneak in or out of the castle. Morgana was deliciously wicked, and I will never look at a crow the same way again!

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