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The End of the Rainbow

Well, we got to enjoy a wonderful, sunny day yesterday, but today it’s back to clouds and rain.  Oh, well.  Rain is better than snow, plus it makes all the plants grow.  I especially “like to look for rainbows when ever there is rain, and ponder on the beauty of an earth made clean again.” (song by Nita Dale Milner)  Funny things, rainbows.  Have you ever tried to figure out where the end of the rainbow is, so that you can find that elusive pot of gold?  The thing is, every time we move, the rainbow’s end moves too.  It reminds me that life is to be lived in the moment, and we should seize the opportunities that come that day, enjoy the beauty around us, and love the people we are with right now.  The end of the rainbow is here, now.

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