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Last week I went in for a check-up at the doctor’s office.  Of course they want to weigh you first thing.  You know how it is.  First you shed your 100 pound purse (all those coins really end up weighing a lot, not to mention the kitchen sink), then your winter coat, sweater, and shoes.  If it was a private place, you’d probably take it all off.  But no, they have to weigh you in the hallway.  So glumly you step on the scale and watch the weights snap into place, revealing those horrible numbers that tell you that, yes, you have gained weight.  Why is it that the bathroom scale at home always gives you a lower number than the doctor’s office?  Do my clothes really weigh that much?  So, the nurse primly marks down your weight, and you sigh and grab all the stuff you have shed and head for the exam room.   The nurse checks to see if you are in fact, alive: blood still pumping, pulse jumping, pressure good (I think she’s really screening for vampires).  The doctor does the usual, and then comes the dreaded question.  “Are you exercising?”
How do I answer that?  Well…. some days.  Okay, last week, only once.  But normally, I exercise.  I jump to conclusions all the time.  My fingers get a great workout on the keyboard everyday.  My heart gets a great aerobic workout when I read those scary books at night and then listen to all the creaking and groaning noises the house makes.  Sigh.  “Okay.  I’ve kind of slacked off since January.”  The doctor frowns.  I hate it when he does that.  But I really am going to try harder.  So, here comes my new New Year’s Resolution (so what if it’s March?  Every day’s a new day, right?):  I’m going to eat healthy and lose weight.  I’m going to exercise, and get in shape.   Today I walked/ran 3.2 miles on the treadmill.  (well… okay, mostly walked.)  We won’t talk about how I staggered to the shower, face red, heart pounding, and legs screaming, or how I’ve hardly been able to walk for the rest of the day.  (Yes, I do know how to spell Tylenol.)
I’ve only got one question:  Is there such a thing as calorie free chocolate that still tastes good?

3 thoughts on “Fitness”

    1. Exercising is a hit and miss thing for me. I keep thinking I’ll someday run a marathon, but then there is the little detail that you have to exercise Every Day Consistently, and you have to keep doing more and more. Sigh…


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