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Last night we watched the Academy Awards, the event where the who’s who of Hollywood pays tribute to its own for excellence in film, the MC cracks tasteless jokes, and we see the amazing results of plastic surgery and Botox. The best part of the evening was when the cast of Les Miserables came out and sang. They deserved the standing ovation they received. We saw Les Miserables (the 2012 movie musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s great novel) in December, and it was very moving. The actors gave stunning performances, not only the stars Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, and Amanda Seyfried, but all the actors, down to Daniel Huttlestone who played Gavroche. The music was incredible. I knew going into the movie that I was going to cry, and I did. I hoped that Les Miserables would win an Oscar for best picture, but they got beat out by Argo. Le Mis still gets my vote for best picture of the year.