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Last night we watched the 2003 movie, Freaky Friday, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. It was so funny! Dr. Tess Coleman and her teenage daughter, Anna, don’t understand or appreciate each other. When an encounter with magic fortune cookies makes them switch bodies, they suddenly are forced to learn what life is like for each other, and they learn to respect and understand each other through all the hilarious things that happen.
I love the part where Anna finds herself on a TV show talking about her mom’s book. At first she is scared, but then her outgoing, fun personality takes over. She answers the question “Why are adults so tired?” with her own teenage interpretation. Adults are so tired because they spend so much time stressing over things like meals, housework, job, and kids. And they never let go and get excited about anything. She says, if you’re excited about something, what do you do? You hold it in. You have to let go. What if a really cute guy asks you out, what are you going to do? And she throws back her head and cheers, Whoooo! And she gets the audience to let go and start cheering too. Pretty soon they are passing her down the aisles, cheering and laughing.
I can totally understand. Adults do forget to live, to have fun. We do get caught up in the stress and pressure and worries and cares of life. We repress what we’re really thinking and feeling. I remember one time my kids had done something wrong, and I was so infuriated. I knew if I said anything, it would be the wrong thing and way overboard. So I walked into the pantry, closed the door, and roared. Then I walked out of the pantry, took a deep breath, and smiled at my kids, who were all staring at me like I’d lost my mind. “That felt good,” I said. Then I went on to deal with the situation. I think if we did more roaring, and less cutting and stabbing with words, we would be able to repair and heal our relationships before they become completely and irrevocably broken. Hey, this could become the next great therapy. “Just roar.” Maybe it will catch on.
Sometimes we need to just let go and have fun. When was the last time you put on a loud, rocking song and danced and sang all over the house? When was the last time you slid down a banister or got down in the sand and made a castle? When was the last time you said, Bag the chores, and you and your family went and did something fun together? When was the last time you really laughed? When was the last time you broke out and were really you? Live. Laugh. Love. Go have fun.

2 thoughts on “Live Laugh Love”

  1. I remember once when my mother made a specially decorated cake for a cub scout function. It was in the center of the table, as proud as a centerpiece. The youngest, wanting very much to see the proud creation, but only being eye-high to the table, pulled on the tablecloth to get it closer.

    But he pulled too hard, and the whole thing came crashing down on his head. The cake was ruined.

    We all watched, wide-eyed, to see what Mom would do. She did the strangest thing. She went into the corner of the room, as far away from the incident as possible, completely quiet.

    Years later I asked her why she did that strange action. I will never forget her words:

    “I knew if I said or did anything, your brother might not have survived, I was that angry. So I took myself away from the situation until I regained control.”

    What a blessed daughter I was to have a mother like that!


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