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For a Cold

Oh, oh. I feel a cold coming on. You know, that scratchy throat-stuffy nose-brain barely there kind of feeling? You know what they say: the best thing for a cold is to take vitamin C, drink plenty of fluids, and rest. That sounds like a perfect excuse to curl up in bed with a stack of books, a Kleenex box, and a cup of hot lemon and honey — and don’t forget the chocolate. (I don’t know if chocolate will help the cold, but I’m addicted to it, so…)
I recently finished reading Cinder, by Marissa Meyer. What a fun story! I loved how Marissa Meyer took an old fairy tale and made it exciting and new again, with a cyborg Cinderella, an evil Queen, a handsome prince, the selfish stepmother, and even a missing shoe — I mean, foot.
Cinder’s story continues in the second book of the Lunar Chronicles, Scarlet, but now we are introduced to Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, and nothing is as it seems. I loved Scarlet’s character, how bold and gutsy she is. I can’t wait for the next book in the series. I want to know how this is going to resolve, and I really hope that the good guys are going to live happily ever after.
So what shall I read next? Anybody out there have any suggestions?

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