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Some say a classic is a book which stands the test of time, is still being published and read after many years, and is a well written example of its genre. But is this just because it is required reading for an English class? Others say a true classic is one which touches us to the core because it has themes which are common to all people, such as life, death, truth, faith, or valor. These are only part of the answer.
Think of your top five all time favorite books. These are the books you know and love, the ones you are completely familiar with, the ones you take down and read when you’ve had a bad day. You know the characters, you weep for them and cheer for them. At the end of the story, you give a great sigh of satisfaction, close the book, and put it back on the shelf, where it will wait to greet you another day. One of my favorites is The Blue Sword, by Robin McKinley. Everything I love about a good story is within its pages: an intelligent heroine, horses, cats, dogs, magic, sword fighting, adventure, and of course … true love. So, I’d say that a true classic is a book that moves us, that uplifts and comfort us, and most of all, makes us happy. What are your favorites?

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