Personal updates


Welcome to my new website, with photographs by Daniel Nicolas.
I recently finished the final edit for my novel, The Sixth Power.  I am pleased and excited to send my baby out into the world, and I hope you will enjoy the story as much as I do.

The Sixth Power began with a dream:  I was a teenager in a large, crowded room with a really cute boy who had two sisters.  One of the sisters couldn’t breathe on her own, and her siblings had to breathe for her.  When I woke up, I thought, “What an interesting dream.  I think it would make a good story.”  So I sat down at the computer and began typing.  Years later, here we are.  I have learned a lot about writing during those years, and the book morphed several times into its final form.

I am very thankful for everyone that read my drafts and gave me helpful suggestions, and for my family who gave me encouragement throughout the process.  As my daughter used to be fond of saying, “Keep writing, Mom.  When you’re busy writing, we can get away with anything!”

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